09-04-02 It’s my Party

Thanks to my colleagues

for this really nice birthday cake!

before… …and after 😉

09-04-02 At the office

At the office Wilddesign, Shanghai…

Shanghai office is situated in Jing’An/West Nanjing Xi Lu area at the Suzhou river, in a calm neighbourhood with high rise buildings as well as old China houses with a small shop in the front and the familiy flat in the back. People more or less live on the street in front of their shops.
The office building is seven stories high, Wilddesign is located on the sixth floor together with other multimedia and design companies. We can walk to our apartment and there are a couple of restaurants in the area where we can walk for lunch.
We have a large office area where most of the 7 or 8 designers are seated and we have three separated offices for Matthias, General Manager, for Oliver, Chief Designer and me, Chief Usability Engineer 😉

Astrid at Wilddesign, Shanghai