09-04-06 Qingmingjie


Photo by shanghaiist.com

Qingmingjie 清明節

Today, it’s a national holiday: The Festival of Pure Brightness Qingmingjie, also known as Tomb sweeping day.
Chinese people worship their ancestors, visit their graves or simply have a nice day off and make trips to the country side.

in German: Das Totenfest Qingmingjie

Personal note: April 6 is the birthday of my ma , she died last year.

09-04-04 The Monk

The Monk 修道士酒吧

The Monk

Another long Saturday…

Ralph, a Canadian living in China for a couple of years now and customer of Wilddesign happens to have his own bar. See review in CityWeekend for details.

He invited us over for a great night out in West Shanghai with drinks, karaoke (yes … Oli and me performed Love is allround…. oh well… 😉 ).
They had a band as well: Undercover.

Thanks for having us!

09-04-04 Spring?

Saturday, April 4, 1pm

Temperature: 54.5°F / 12.5°C | Humidity: 90% | Pressure: 30.08in / 1018.5hPa | Conditions: Light Rain |

Picture taken from the apartment’s balcony on April 4, 1pm….

It is supposed to get better upcoming week though…