Jing’an Temple

Guan Yin

Goddess Guan Yin

Jing’an Temple 静安寺

Jìng’ānsì, the Temple of Peace and Tranquility is a Buddhist temple on West Nanjing Road, in the Jing’an district. It’s surrounded by shopping mails and sky scrapers, but the temple area is indead peaceful and tranquil. Entrance fee is 20 RMB. Nice place!

Guan Yin is a popular goddess in Chinese folk belief and is worshiped in Chinese communities throughout Asia. Guan Yin is revered in the general Chinese population due to her unconditional love, compassion and mercy. She is generally regarded by many as the protector of women and children. By this association she is also seen as a fertility goddess capable of granting children (source: wikipedia).

sì means Buddhist temple. “Si” has more than 30 meanings, but the different signs are unique. “Si” aso means 四 “4” for example, but also 死 “death” if pronounced differently. This is why the number 4 is a unlucky number. Nobody wants to have “4” as part of mobile number or licence plate…