F1 in Shanghai

F1 Ticket Shanghai

Now for the third time there is a Formula One race at Shanghai International Circuit.

Circuit architects Hermann Tilke and Peter Wahl on their creation: “The 5.4 kilometre racing track is shaped like the Chinese character ‘shang’, which stands for ‘high’ or ‘above’. Other symbols represented in the architecture originate from Chinese history, such as the team buildings arranged like pavilions in a lake to resemble the ancient Yuyan-Garden in Shanghai.

8000 workers worked 18 months 24 hours to create the circuit for more than 240 Billion Dollars. The Main Main Grandstand holds 29.000.

We were seated in Grandstand K row 8.


上 shàng – high, above

上海 Shànghai

And note also what I found in the dictionary:

爱上 àishàng – to fell in love




Wild Work

Wild Work

Due to some requests of my interested readers, here I am going to tell you a bit about my work. More detailed insights are presented in the near future.

Wilddesign’s customers in China come mainly from China and also some from Europe and other countries with base in China. Main areas are industrial design, especially design of:

  • products
  • packaging
  • shops
  • events

This also includes development of brands and CI (Corporate Identity) including image brochures and web sites. Example products are power tools, kitchenware and medical devices.

At my desk

At my desk

Due to a non-disclosure-agreement I can not tell you too much about customers and projects. In my first weeks I helped with research and proposals, attended project meetings and interviewed applicants.

Furtheron, I am interested in the cultural differences, thus, my main research interests are design, usability aswell as approaches and attitudes towards project work and business life of Europeans and Chinese.

As you might have guessed already from my posts, business and private life is not strictly divided as it often is in Germany. You sing karaoke with your customer or indulge in nice and long dinners with prospective business contacts.

The next weeks I will be busy with a new project which is about a re-design of two medical devices, which are used in labs for analysing samples. These devices are equipped with screens in order to operate these units and to analyse resulting data. Project includes design of the devices and the screens, development of CI and user interface style guide as well as usability testing. Results are 2D designs und finally, 3D renderings of the future product which will be ready for production by then. Meaning that engineering and production requirements are aleady taken care of.

Since my emphasis is user interface design of software, it is very interesting for me to experience this new area. At a closer look though, work activities are pretty similiar. Therefore, we can learn a lot from each other in comparing and integrating methods and processes.

We are 7 Chinese and 5 Germans at the moment, and there is so much work, that there are more to come…

Have a look at me at the office entrance.