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taken at Moganshan Lu

taken at Moganshan Lu

Tools for your
ultimate Twitter experience

Since Twitter is the new hype (more than 500Mio Google-Hits…), millons of users express themselves with tweets, those short messages where you can inform others what you are up to. (See my tweets in the column on the very right). In a recent poll, they found that Business People Say Twitter (is) More Important Than LinkedIn.
One more reason to finally get organized…
These are the tools which I find very useful and have a great usability …and help you not to get lost in “Twitter space”…


Nice dashboard, gives an overview on your Twitter activities: your friend’s tweets, which you can group, replies, Facebook status, favorites, Twitscoop (trend topics of the moment) and you can tweet aswell and shorten included urls
Trendy black interface, a bit slow and unstable though.

similiar but simpler: Twhirl and Twitterfox, an add-on for Firefox

Twittercounter / TwitterRemote

Twittercounter: statistics and predictions, rankings (The top 10 most followed Twitter users), new: email notification
TwitterRemote: see which Twitter users visit your site. After twitter users sign in their profile is displayed on every TwitterRemote enabled website they visit after that. The advantage for site owners is that they see who visits their site and they even have an opportunity to contact these people.

Tool developed by The Next Web, they host a conference and a blog and they tweet of course…


Tweetmeme is a service which aggregates all the popular links on twitter. Tweetmeme is able to categorize these links into categories and subcategories, making it easy to filter out the noise to find what you are interested in.


follow Twitter feeds, organized in topic groups.


Twitterfall is a way of viewing the latest tweets of upcoming trends and custom searches on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Updates fall from the top of the page in near-realtime. Fun to watch!

Twitter grader

Nice little service, gives you some information about your twitter feed

When Did You Join Twitter

– the name says it all…

yfrog or Twitpic

Upload and share pictures via Twitter


Send video updates to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, your blog, friendfeed, iTunes, and more.
Other video share services: and


Help your visitors share, save and subscribe to your content with AddToAny widgets which you ccan post on your web site or your blog.

write now, post later

Twitsay / Twitwoop / Twitterfone

And this is fun: record 10sec (no, not more…) by phone and go to your Twitter page and listen to your voice message. All your followers (and everybodyelse…) can listen to it, too! Hear my message … and have nice weekend. Bye!
Yes! 140sec (whatelse…) with Twitwoop Even better!

You want more? Links to lists

Twitter users

Informative Übersicht zu Twitter und Twitter in der Unternehmenskommunikation von Steffen Jung:

1. Twitter – Kommunikation im Wandel
2. Twitter – wie alles begann
3. Twitter Zahlen unter der Lupe
4. Twitter – jetzt mal von vorne
5. Twitter – Einführung ins Zwitschern
6. Twitter Tipps für Einstieger
7. Kostenlose Twitter Tools
8. Unternehmenskommunikation über Twitter

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More: 11 Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Twitter May 2011


Anything else? Feel free to comment!


I am coming to China regularly.

Europeans in Hong Kong

EWMD (European Women’s Management Development Network) is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, we honour this by organising an event in Hong Kong. For details, please visit

Europeans in Hong Kong

Panel discussion

Hong Kong is a major international business place in Asia, however, only 5 % of the city’s population are non-Chinese, and only 0.5 % are non-Asian. It is estimated that around 31000 Europeans live and work in Hong Kong.

We would like to take a closer look at professional European women in Hong Kong. What are their stories? Where are they employed? In which fields? How many of them are entrepreneurs?

How is the European diversity reflected in Hong Kong?

Invited panellists:

Susanne Sahli, Managing Director, True Colours HR Solutions Ltd

Marita Rouhof, Senior Manager, KPMG

Dagmar Hartley, Managing Director of Asia Operations, Strottman International Inc.

Moderator: Waltraut Ritter, Research Director, Knowledge Dialogues

All are welcome, Europeans and non-Europeans! We should be glad to welcome you to our informal discussion and networking. We should be grateful if you could forward the invite to interested colleagues and contacts.

When:               Thursday, 21st May 2009

Time:                18:00-20:00  (18:30 begin of panel discussion)

Venue:             Swissprivilege

15/F Luk Kwok Centre

72 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, H.K.

Cost:                HK$250 cash at the door or cheque payable to “EWMD Asia-Pacific”

Drinks and snacks included


personal note:

I am an EWMD member, earlier this year Waltraut organized a fantastic trip to India, where we learned a lot about culture, working life and women’s situation in India. I am sure the Hongkong event will be a success aswell. This time I cannot attend, but I hope to be there later this summer.

Chat at Second Life

This week I attended a meeting with some of my colleagues of Hochschule Esslingen and experts for University enrollment from other institutions presented by ZEIT ONLINE. Prospective students where offered the oppportunity to discuss tips and tricks in order to find the right University and study programme. I attended as a virtual person, a so called avatar (Marja McMillan, you might recognize her on the picture 😉 …Marja turns her head to the guy in the back).

Marja at Seond Life (SL)

We had some interesting chat about the pros and cons of Second Life, and funny enough… nobody of the younger people – the adressed audience of this talk – showed up. Not one!
Why was that so? May be this event was not promoted enough, but I already recognized lacking of Second Life interest at my students two years ago. SL is difficult to enter, the application is still quite unstable and interaction in SL is not very user-friendly. But sure enough, it is more fun to talk to some avatars then having a group conference via phone or Skype! You can “see” who the active speaker is. But is this attractive enough?

Second Life is for sure not hyped anymore. I have a clue that at the moment Twitter is the application which seems to be most hot and sexy (have a look at the right-most column on my blog btw)
What do you think? Do you use SL? Or do use any social platforms online? For what reasons? And what are your experiences? Leave a comment if you like…

detailed information about SL in wikipedia Second_Life
Marjas night out… Live -Chat auf ZEIT Online und in Second Life
a virtual world in China HiPiHi
still funny Get a First Life

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Jackie Chan sings

城市让生活更美好 chéng shì ràng shēng huó gèng měi hǎo

Better City, Better Life

Jackie Chan, the 55-year-old martial arts and comedian actor is also well known as a singer in Asia.
He performs this Expo-theme song in front of an impressive Shanghai scenery accompanied by Lang Lang on the piano.

Youtube is blocked in China, sorry.
My Chinese friends please follow one of the following links to watch the video:

see also:


One more year and World Expo 2010 Shanghai will open it’s doors to the public. ‘Better city, better life’ is the official claim and almost 200 countries are expected to make their contributions (Germany sends Hamburg, partner city of Shanghai and Bremen. US is not confirmed yet.).
Such a major event needs not only a visual and a claim but also – a mascot!
And mascot for Expo 2010 is… : Haibao! a blue grinning creature with some retarded Elvis-bad-hair-a-do.

Design Desaster? Funny Fake? Cute Creature?

Design Desaster? Funny Fake? Cute Creature?


The picture shows Haibao at the offical Expo store (Nanying Xi Lu) in it’s spring attire. If you think Haibao looks like a Father Christmas going berserk you are wrong: this is Haibao in traditional China costume with fire crackers (fire works is what Chinese REALLY love!).

So why is it that a bunch of old guys chose this childish, somewhat-80ties, trivial and not at all future-headed creature for such a remarkable event? I don’t no either. But note that lots of Chinese love puppets with hudge Betty-Boop-innocent-eyes and big-headed-Hello-Kitties or baby-ape-Monchichis. And Haibao has it all. And hey, like it or not – city streets are massively cluttered with Haibao… you better get used to it….

Others point out the stunning resemblance to Gumby, an American Kid-TV character of the 50ties. Blue big-eyed Izzy Olympic mascot might also been an inspiration… Or is it just a funny blue dancing condom? May be a dollop of spit?

Wu Yongjian, a professor at the College of Digital Arts with Shanghai University, is the creator of Haibao, which literally means the treasure of the sea (hai). According to Shanghai Daily, the professor wanted something new… “A large number of mascot designs to express Chinese culture were inspired by images of pandas, monkeys and dragons, etc,” says Wu. “What I did was try to find another way to interpret China, a more abstract way.” It says he draw the Chinese character 大 dà (big) on a napkin in his favorite café… and basically put some eyes on it… Later, the story was changed and the character 人 ren (person or people) is mentioned from than on.

Haibao at a street corner

World Expo 2010 Shanghai
World Expo year-long countdown starts today!
Olympic Mascots Atlanta 1996 Izzy
Haibao idea born in a cafe

Haibao everywhere

Stop Press

Ni hao China,

GUI design says hello to China. Astrid Beck, GUI Design Stuttgart and
Professor at Hochschule Esslingen is supporting Wilddesign Shanghai on
all issues on usability since March 2009.

Markus Wild, founder of Wilddesign Gelsenkirchen says: “We are very
happy to have Astrid in our Shanghai team! Astrid emphasizes the topic
of usability in our company and brings it to our Chinese customers”.
Wilddesign’s customers in China come mainly from China but also from
Europe and other countries with base in China. Main areas are industrial
design, especially design of products, packaging, shops and events. This
also includes development of brands and CI (Corporate Identity)
including image brochures and web sites. Example products are power
tools, kitchenware and medical devices. Wilddesign Shanghai was founded in 2006. “Medical devices, touchpads and web sites with thoughtful functionality, modern design and with a Western touch are of high demand to our customers.
Astrid helps us to make our solutions even more usable.” states Matthias Burhenne, General Manager of the Shanghai branch.

Astrid Beck’s stay in Shanghai is supported by Hochschule Esslingen where she is on leave for half a year.