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Ni hao China,

GUI design says hello to China. Astrid Beck, GUI Design Stuttgart and
Professor at Hochschule Esslingen is supporting Wilddesign Shanghai on
all issues on usability since March 2009.

Markus Wild, founder of Wilddesign Gelsenkirchen says: “We are very
happy to have Astrid in our Shanghai team! Astrid emphasizes the topic
of usability in our company and brings it to our Chinese customers”.
Wilddesign’s customers in China come mainly from China but also from
Europe and other countries with base in China. Main areas are industrial
design, especially design of products, packaging, shops and events. This
also includes development of brands and CI (Corporate Identity)
including image brochures and web sites. Example products are power
tools, kitchenware and medical devices. Wilddesign Shanghai was founded in 2006. “Medical devices, touchpads and web sites with thoughtful functionality, modern design and with a Western touch are of high demand to our customers.
Astrid helps us to make our solutions even more usable.” states Matthias Burhenne, General Manager of the Shanghai branch.

Astrid Beck’s stay in Shanghai is supported by Hochschule Esslingen where she is on leave for half a year.



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