Europeans in Hong Kong

EWMD (European Women’s Management Development Network) is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, we honour this by organising an event in Hong Kong. For details, please visit

Europeans in Hong Kong

Panel discussion

Hong Kong is a major international business place in Asia, however, only 5 % of the city’s population are non-Chinese, and only 0.5 % are non-Asian. It is estimated that around 31000 Europeans live and work in Hong Kong.

We would like to take a closer look at professional European women in Hong Kong. What are their stories? Where are they employed? In which fields? How many of them are entrepreneurs?

How is the European diversity reflected in Hong Kong?

Invited panellists:

Susanne Sahli, Managing Director, True Colours HR Solutions Ltd

Marita Rouhof, Senior Manager, KPMG

Dagmar Hartley, Managing Director of Asia Operations, Strottman International Inc.

Moderator: Waltraut Ritter, Research Director, Knowledge Dialogues

All are welcome, Europeans and non-Europeans! We should be glad to welcome you to our informal discussion and networking. We should be grateful if you could forward the invite to interested colleagues and contacts.

When:               Thursday, 21st May 2009

Time:                18:00-20:00  (18:30 begin of panel discussion)

Venue:             Swissprivilege

15/F Luk Kwok Centre

72 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, H.K.

Cost:                HK$250 cash at the door or cheque payable to “EWMD Asia-Pacific”

Drinks and snacks included


personal note:

I am an EWMD member, earlier this year Waltraut organized a fantastic trip to India, where we learned a lot about culture, working life and women’s situation in India. I am sure the Hongkong event will be a success aswell. This time I cannot attend, but I hope to be there later this summer.

Chat at Second Life

This week I attended a meeting with some of my colleagues of Hochschule Esslingen and experts for University enrollment from other institutions presented by ZEIT ONLINE. Prospective students where offered the oppportunity to discuss tips and tricks in order to find the right University and study programme. I attended as a virtual person, a so called avatar (Marja McMillan, you might recognize her on the picture 😉 …Marja turns her head to the guy in the back).

Marja at Seond Life (SL)

We had some interesting chat about the pros and cons of Second Life, and funny enough… nobody of the younger people – the adressed audience of this talk – showed up. Not one!
Why was that so? May be this event was not promoted enough, but I already recognized lacking of Second Life interest at my students two years ago. SL is difficult to enter, the application is still quite unstable and interaction in SL is not very user-friendly. But sure enough, it is more fun to talk to some avatars then having a group conference via phone or Skype! You can “see” who the active speaker is. But is this attractive enough?

Second Life is for sure not hyped anymore. I have a clue that at the moment Twitter is the application which seems to be most hot and sexy (have a look at the right-most column on my blog btw)
What do you think? Do you use SL? Or do use any social platforms online? For what reasons? And what are your experiences? Leave a comment if you like…

detailed information about SL in wikipedia Second_Life
Marjas night out… Live -Chat auf ZEIT Online und in Second Life
a virtual world in China HiPiHi
still funny Get a First Life