Close contact to pig?

Temperature Check...

Temperature Check...

Coming back to China…

China has instituted the following procedures to screen for the possibility of influenza among passengers on arriving international flights:

1) Flights arriving from affected countries will be segregated at specific gates and passengers will move through specific channels for Health and Quarantine (H&Q) clearance.

2) Prior to disembarking from the aircraft, passengers will be required to complete and submit a H&Q health declaration card.

Schnitzel for lunch = close contact to pig???

Schnitzel for lunch = close contact to pig???

3) All customers will be required to process through two separate thermal-scanning checkpoints. Temperature readings are taken by hand wands or from fixed-position infrared monitors that do not make any contact with the traveler.

4) If there are one or more suspected cases of H1N1 on an arriving flight, the air carrier will be required to report the case to Chinese H&Q prior to the arrival of the flight. Passengers and crew on the flight will be quarantined in a designated area until H&Q determines what steps to take, which may include simply completing a “Quarantine Card,” undergoing a routine medical exam at the airport, or, in some circumstances, transportation to local hospitals and/or hotels designated for quarantine.

5) H&Q will implement different procedures for individual passengers with H1N1 influenza symptoms, which may include: 1) observation in a hospital designated to handle H1N1 cases, or quarantine (e.g., in Beijing: Guomen Hotel).

Well… lucky me! no individual with funny symptoms 😉

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They are coming...

They are coming...

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  1. … and then they stuck a sensor under my tongue.

    Taste was no good, but luckily my temper didn’t rise.
    I felt like a biohazard.


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