Web 2.0 at T-Systems

Open Space conference to discuss Web 2.0

Open space conference

Today, I am invited to take part in a Open Space conference to discuss Web 2.0 techniques and its impact on T-Systems’ marketing and corporate communication. More than 100 internal and external experts meet at Römerkastell in Stuttgart.

People are especially interested in Blogging, Twitter and mobile communication. But T-Systems employees also worry about side effects… What does it mean to be online night and day, working for the company by receiving mails at 10pm or sending tweets during lunch break? Who are the “Digital Natives” and the less Web 2.0 literate, the “Digital Immigrants”? Who will survive? Will there be a digital divide between cultures or generations? Is “real-time marketing” an answer to the future business communication needs? More questions than answers at the moment and lot of people talk about impacts of techniques they haven’t even used yet…


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T-Sysems twittert: twitter.com/tsystemsde

Web 2.0 – what it is

Open Space

Web 2.0, Herausgeber: Astrid Beck, Michael Mörike, Heinz Sauerburger


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