uncouth rich 土豪 tuhao



土豪 Tuhao

Tuhao has been a hot word all over the media, it represents rich Chinese who love to show off their wealth on internet while claiming to be poor.

According to an article from Sydney Morning Herald, China’s vulgar rich: befriended but unloved, a crowdsourced translation call on China’s social media yielded “new money,” “slumdog millionaire,” the “riChinese” and “billionbilly.”

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Shanghai Glass Museum

Shanghai Museum of Glass just opened



Shanghai Museum of Glass
685 Changjiang Xi Lu, near Gangsi Lu, Baoshan
宝山区长江西路685号, 近钢四路
Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Entry: RMB 20

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Fashion show SH Tang

Shanghai Tang

The new Shanghai Tang autumn/winter collection was presented this Friday at Moganshan lu art district 莫干山路艺术区. (I used to live close by).

Shanghai Tang is an international clothing chain company, founded in 1994 by Hong Kong businessman David Tang Wing Cheung and now controlled by Richemont.





Music: Another day in Shanghai, I like it  – wo xihuan 我喜欢

Moganshan lu art district


Shanghai Tang is an international clothing chain company, founded in 1994 by Hong Kong businessman David Tang Wing Cheung and now controlled by Richemont.

iF design award Day 3

Judges iF communications design award 2010

Judges iF communications design award 2010

We are done!

Lots of awards and some gold awards. We awarded entries from Germany, also from Baden-Württemberg and also entries from China. One gold award goes to China!

Simple plain “me too” web sites didn’t win anything. But interesting interactive nicely designed and usable approaches won our hearts and an award….

Lots of stunning touch and gesture devices impressed us and were awarded.

Awards will be hand-over beginning of September at BMW world in Munic.


Die Entscheidungen im iF communication design award 2010 sind gefallen

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Die Preisverleihung im September in München

Online Exhibition der Preisträger


iF design award Day 2

Judges Astrid & Makato

Judges Astrid & Makato

iF communications design award

Judging takes a lot of time…

But we are a nice team, iF people are great and we having a nice time. Location and food is great as well.

10 entries to judge left for tomorrow…

iF design award Day 1

Venue Hannover MesseiF communications design award

I am one of 17 jury members to judge more than 1200 entries for the iF communications design award 2010.
Tonight, we had a jury dinner and a first look at all the entries in Hannover.

My job ist together with Makato Imamura from Sony-Ericsson to judge more than 100 entries in the categories digital media interfaces and product interfaces. Entries come from Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, China, just to name a few.

Other categories are print media, packaging, corporate architecture and cross media.

Judges come from all over Europe as well as from Korea and Japan.

Entries are iPhone-apps, web sites, facebook apps, apps for mobile media but also a coffee machine and new touch interfaces, cameras, mobile devices and even a dentist’s chair (with an software interface).

Tomorrow we officially start our Jury task.


My Podcast

MFG innovationcast (logo)

MFG Innovationcast

Mensch mit Maschine – Prof. Astrid Beck über Mensch-Computer-Interaktion und Usability

Internetnutzer haben hohe Ansprüche an Webseiten: sie müssen gut bedienbar, interaktiv und visuell ansprechend sein. Denn hochwertige Inhalte im World Wide Web fesseln niemanden, wenn die Usability, also die Benutzungsfreundlichkeit ausbleibt.

I am talking about Usability, new interfaces, websites in China… (in German).

Ausführliche Infoseite mit Interview-Podcast

10 Tips for Building International User Interfaces