The Naked Man

Shanghai waterfront panoramic goes viral after viewers spot nude man

A 24.9 billion-pixel photo offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the Bund, Shanghai’s  waterfront promenade, has become a sensation in mainland China – especially after internet users started zooming in to uncover some unusual sights, the Shanghai Morning Post reported on Saturday.


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China Internet Watch

Baidu, Sogou among Top 5 Biggest Search Engines in the World.
China E-commerce Market Overview.
Wechat Launched Wechat Contacts App Offering Free Calls.

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Artikel: China: Stadt trennt Smartphone-Nutzer und Offline-Fußgänger

China: Stadt trennt Smartphone-Nutzer und Offline-Fußgänger


The Year of the Horse



uncouth rich 土豪 tuhao



土豪 Tuhao

Tuhao has been a hot word all over the media, it represents rich Chinese who love to show off their wealth on internet while claiming to be poor.

According to an article from Sydney Morning Herald, China’s vulgar rich: befriended but unloved, a crowdsourced translation call on China’s social media yielded “new money,” “slumdog millionaire,” the “riChinese” and “billionbilly.”

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Ultimate guide to Chinese Dumplings

by CNN GO 25 July, 2012

EWMD HK 20 Feb 2012

EWMD Asia Pacific Networking Event on 20 February 2012

It would be nice to meet you there:

Working Abroad: More than Being an Expat?

Expatriates are typically working for a limited period outside their own country and are not supposed to get deeply involved in their new home country; some companies explicitly don’t want their professionals to engage in the local community and define the personal boundaries of their expat staff by contract to avoid job-related conflicts that may arise if some of their staff become politically or socially active.

Within the expat community, which includes skilled professionals who come to work in another country on their own or those sent by their employer, many (the majority?) are not interested in integrating in the culture and prefer their own social circles, but there are also those who want to engage in social, political or other issues of public concern in their new home country.

What experiences have you made as an expat or with expat colleagues? In our event we would like to discuss the diverse experiences of an expat’s life from different perspectives and look forward to welcoming you. This time, we will have EWMD members from Germany, Austria and Laos who are currently visiting Hong Kong, as guests, who will contribute to our exchange of experiences and stories.

The EWMD Asia-Pacific is the Asian chapter of EWMD International, the European Womens’ Management Development Network ( We are a registered non-profit society to support networking and exchange among professionals.

Time: 20 February 2012, 18:00-20:00

Venue: Culture Club & Gallery, Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

Cost: 200 HK$ including 2 drinks of your choice

Registration: Please register online at


Music downloads

Wie die Musikindustrie chinesische Piraten umarmt

“Die größte chinesische Suchmaschine Baidu war bisher eher dafür bekannt, schwarzkopierte Songs zu finden. Um der Piraterie Herr zu werden, kooperieren Sony, Warner und Universal jetzt mit Baidu: User können nun einfach umsonst Musik hören”.  Süddeutsche 20.07.2011

Seit 2009 ist das genau ein Service bereits bei Google China. Man kann völlig legal Musik als mp3 bei Google herunterladen, die mittels Werbung finanziert wird. Es sind nicht alle westlichen Tophits zu finden, aber alles aus China und vor allem Taiwan (Taiwan produziert einern Großteil der kommerziellen chinesischen Hits) sowie viele ältere westliche Hits und auch ganze Alben. Dies ist nur in China möglich, aus dem Ausland ist ein Zugriff nicht (einfach) möglich, das Interface ist Chinesisch und der Downloadbereich etwas versteckt bzw. umständlich zu nutzen (s. Anleitung).
Suche ist in Chinesisch und in Englisch möglich.

Soziale Netzwerke

Soziale Netzwerke sind China ein Dorn im Auge

Ausländische Internetunternehmen sind in China kaum vertreten oder haben bereits die Segel gestrichen. Denn das Beispiel Ägyptens zeigt: Facebook und Co bieten eine Art virtueller Meinungs- und Versammlungsfreiheit.

Moon Festival

The Chinese Moon Festival

Moon Hill Village in Yangshuo, by duncan wolfe

Moon Hill Village in Yangshuo, by duncan wolfe


The Chinese Moon Festival is on the 15th of the 8th lunar month, this year it is on September 22nd. It’s also known as the Mid-autumn Festival. Chinese culture is deeply imbedded in traditional festivals. Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving in the West, the Moon Festival is one of the most important traditional events for the Chinese.

Iconic gift is the moon cake which will be given to family and friends. Running gag is that after a while you will get back your very own boxof moon cakes after it has be given away and be passed on a couple of times 😉