Why China, why Shanghai?

A question quite often asked of me…
So… I have been to China and Shanghai before. I love to visit big cities. And if I could live and work there for a while… well, even better!
Shanghai is a big city, it really is with more than 16 Mio people! 4 times the size of Berlin… A great place to be at least for a defined period of time.
This is why I want to stay there for a couple of months.

Chinese are nice, whitty, curious, friendly people
clubs, bars, restaurants are lots to be found – they are very cool, very western style
a lot of expats from all over the world live in Shanghai
local food is nice and tasty and not pricy
yes, they even have red whine (beer anyway)

it seems that everyone is on the run and in action, up to new endeavours
there is movement everywhere

and I would like to be part of it….