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Baidu, Sogou among Top 5 Biggest Search Engines in the World.
China E-commerce Market Overview.
Wechat Launched Wechat Contacts App Offering Free Calls.

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Music downloads

Wie die Musikindustrie chinesische Piraten umarmt

“Die größte chinesische Suchmaschine Baidu war bisher eher dafür bekannt, schwarzkopierte Songs zu finden. Um der Piraterie Herr zu werden, kooperieren Sony, Warner und Universal jetzt mit Baidu: User können nun einfach umsonst Musik hören”.  Süddeutsche 20.07.2011

Seit 2009 ist das genau ein Service bereits bei Google China. Man kann völlig legal Musik als mp3 bei Google herunterladen, die mittels Werbung finanziert wird. Es sind nicht alle westlichen Tophits zu finden, aber alles aus China und vor allem Taiwan (Taiwan produziert einern Großteil der kommerziellen chinesischen Hits) sowie viele ältere westliche Hits und auch ganze Alben. Dies ist nur in China möglich, aus dem Ausland ist ein Zugriff nicht (einfach) möglich, das Interface ist Chinesisch und der Downloadbereich etwas versteckt bzw. umständlich zu nutzen (s. Anleitung).
Suche ist in Chinesisch und in Englisch möglich.


HCI2011 Shneiderman

Future of HCI: Ben Shneiderman at HCI Orlando

Prof. Ben Shneiderman at HCI 2011 Orlando, FL, USA

Professor Ben Shneiderman
University of Maryland, talks about the future of HCI in his keynote “Technology-Mediated Social Participation: The Next 25 Years of HCI Challenges”

The success of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and traditional discussion groups empowers individuals to become active in local and global communities. Shneiderman believes that with modest redesign, these technologies can be harnessed to support national priorities such as healthcare/wellness, disaster response, community safety, energy sustainability, etc.

HCI International 2011
9-14 July 2011, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida, USA

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Soziale Netzwerke

Soziale Netzwerke sind China ein Dorn im Auge

Ausländische Internetunternehmen sind in China kaum vertreten oder haben bereits die Segel gestrichen. Denn das Beispiel Ägyptens zeigt: Facebook und Co bieten eine Art virtueller Meinungs- und Versammlungsfreiheit.

Twitter no censorship?

Twitter plans to stop censorship

Twitter is blocked in China since June 2009.

Now, Twitter is developing technology aimed at preventing the governments of China and Iran from censoring Tweets, co-founder Evan Williams told an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Financial Times is reporting.

Williams didn’t detail Twitter’s approach — in part to give no clues to the governments it hopes to confound — but described the work as “interesting hacks.”


Article in Wired 27-Jan-2010

Web 2.0 at T-Systems

Open Space conference to discuss Web 2.0

Open space conference

Today, I am invited to take part in a Open Space conference to discuss Web 2.0 techniques and its impact on T-Systems’ marketing and corporate communication. More than 100 internal and external experts meet at Römerkastell in Stuttgart.

People are especially interested in Blogging, Twitter and mobile communication. But T-Systems employees also worry about side effects… What does it mean to be online night and day, working for the company by receiving mails at 10pm or sending tweets during lunch break? Who are the “Digital Natives” and the less Web 2.0 literate, the “Digital Immigrants”? Who will survive? Will there be a digital divide between cultures or generations? Is “real-time marketing” an answer to the future business communication needs? More questions than answers at the moment and lot of people talk about impacts of techniques they haven’t even used yet…


Follow conference tweets #ostsi

T-Sysems twittert:

Web 2.0 – what it is

Open Space

Web 2.0, Herausgeber: Astrid Beck, Michael Mörike, Heinz Sauerburger


Tools for Twitter

taken at Moganshan Lu

taken at Moganshan Lu

Tools for your
ultimate Twitter experience

Since Twitter is the new hype (more than 500Mio Google-Hits…), millons of users express themselves with tweets, those short messages where you can inform others what you are up to. (See my tweets in the column on the very right). In a recent poll, they found that Business People Say Twitter (is) More Important Than LinkedIn.
One more reason to finally get organized…
These are the tools which I find very useful and have a great usability …and help you not to get lost in “Twitter space”…


Nice dashboard, gives an overview on your Twitter activities: your friend’s tweets, which you can group, replies, Facebook status, favorites, Twitscoop (trend topics of the moment) and you can tweet aswell and shorten included urls
Trendy black interface, a bit slow and unstable though.

similiar but simpler: Twhirl and Twitterfox, an add-on for Firefox

Twittercounter / TwitterRemote

Twittercounter: statistics and predictions, rankings (The top 10 most followed Twitter users), new: email notification
TwitterRemote: see which Twitter users visit your site. After twitter users sign in their profile is displayed on every TwitterRemote enabled website they visit after that. The advantage for site owners is that they see who visits their site and they even have an opportunity to contact these people.

Tool developed by The Next Web, they host a conference and a blog and they tweet of course…


Tweetmeme is a service which aggregates all the popular links on twitter. Tweetmeme is able to categorize these links into categories and subcategories, making it easy to filter out the noise to find what you are interested in.


follow Twitter feeds, organized in topic groups.


Twitterfall is a way of viewing the latest tweets of upcoming trends and custom searches on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Updates fall from the top of the page in near-realtime. Fun to watch!

Twitter grader

Nice little service, gives you some information about your twitter feed

When Did You Join Twitter

– the name says it all…

yfrog or Twitpic

Upload and share pictures via Twitter


Send video updates to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, your blog, friendfeed, iTunes, and more.
Other video share services: and


Help your visitors share, save and subscribe to your content with AddToAny widgets which you ccan post on your web site or your blog.

write now, post later

Twitsay / Twitwoop / Twitterfone

And this is fun: record 10sec (no, not more…) by phone and go to your Twitter page and listen to your voice message. All your followers (and everybodyelse…) can listen to it, too! Hear my message … and have nice weekend. Bye!
Yes! 140sec (whatelse…) with Twitwoop Even better!

You want more? Links to lists

Twitter users

Informative Übersicht zu Twitter und Twitter in der Unternehmenskommunikation von Steffen Jung:

1. Twitter – Kommunikation im Wandel
2. Twitter – wie alles begann
3. Twitter Zahlen unter der Lupe
4. Twitter – jetzt mal von vorne
5. Twitter – Einführung ins Zwitschern
6. Twitter Tipps für Einstieger
7. Kostenlose Twitter Tools
8. Unternehmenskommunikation über Twitter

Zur Artikelübersicht:


More: 11 Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Twitter May 2011


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I am coming to China regularly.

Chat at Second Life

This week I attended a meeting with some of my colleagues of Hochschule Esslingen and experts for University enrollment from other institutions presented by ZEIT ONLINE. Prospective students where offered the oppportunity to discuss tips and tricks in order to find the right University and study programme. I attended as a virtual person, a so called avatar (Marja McMillan, you might recognize her on the picture 😉 …Marja turns her head to the guy in the back).

Marja at Seond Life (SL)

We had some interesting chat about the pros and cons of Second Life, and funny enough… nobody of the younger people – the adressed audience of this talk – showed up. Not one!
Why was that so? May be this event was not promoted enough, but I already recognized lacking of Second Life interest at my students two years ago. SL is difficult to enter, the application is still quite unstable and interaction in SL is not very user-friendly. But sure enough, it is more fun to talk to some avatars then having a group conference via phone or Skype! You can “see” who the active speaker is. But is this attractive enough?

Second Life is for sure not hyped anymore. I have a clue that at the moment Twitter is the application which seems to be most hot and sexy (have a look at the right-most column on my blog btw)
What do you think? Do you use SL? Or do use any social platforms online? For what reasons? And what are your experiences? Leave a comment if you like…

detailed information about SL in wikipedia Second_Life
Marjas night out… Live -Chat auf ZEIT Online und in Second Life
a virtual world in China HiPiHi
still funny Get a First Life