Pudong Airport

Pudong Airport

A total of 31.9 million passengers passed through the airport in 2009, making the airport the 3rd busiest  in mainland China and 23rd in the world.

Yesterday, I increased the 2010 figure by one 😉

Pics of new art work at the airport:




Disneyland in Pudong

Mickey Mouse (Paris)

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China Approves Disney Theme Park in Shanghai

The Walt Disney Company has won approval from the central government of China to build a Disneyland-style theme park in Shanghai.
The Shanghai Disneyland resort, with a mix of shopping areas, hotels and a Magic Kingdom-style theme park, will sprawl across 1,000 acres of the city’s Pudong district — with the theme park occupying about 100 of those acres. It would be a little bigger than Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and on par with the parks in Paris and Tokyo. It is expected to open in five or six years.


Article in Nytimes.com

Article in the Guardian.co.uk

Sexy Shanghai Mickey Mouse Models 😉

Total eclipse tomorrow

Wednesday, July 22 2009, around 9:30 we will have a total eclipse in Shanghai, meaning that the rare situation takes place, that the moon totally covers the sun. During the day it will be pitch dark for 5 Minutes. Normally, temperature might drop a little aswell, but I am afraid this is not going to happen this time. We have more than 30°C also at night since a couple of weeks here.

It will be the first eclipse in Asia and the longest one in the 21st century. It will be the first for Shanghai since the middle ages (1575 was the last). It will be my third one, I visited total eclipses in Stuttgart (11.08.1999) and South Africa before.

We have brunch with friends at the VUE Bar on 32nd floor of Bund Hyatt to view the spectacle. This place features also the cities highest Jacuzzi.


www.focus.de/wissen/wissenschaft/astronomie/naturschauspiel-die-wandernde-finsternis_aid_418565.html (auf Deutsch)


Shanghai eclipse


Balcony view

Balcony view

Balcony view

Yes… I had to take it again… such a clear view – and during the day??? Sky and air was thick and yellowish… I almost felt like in Bejing today. Humidy 100% … argh…


“Upon arrival in China, all foreigners must register their place of residence, whether it be a hotel, guesthouse, apartment or any other kind of housing. Those staying in residential houses, apartments or villas must go to the local police station within 24 hours of arrival to register.”

Hey… this feels like Germany 😉

So this is what I did today by the help of Angela, the company’s assistant. Here an impression from the police station and the officer handling my case:

Registration in Shanghai


Shanghai, here I am!

Frankfurt – Shanghai

everything went smoothly despite the fact that the airline asked me for 680 Euros! for 17 Kilos overweight luggage (Yes, 40 Euros for 1Kg extended luggage). China Eastern Airline… This “special” price was higher than the ticket price… Well, I decided to leave my diving gear in Germany…

Oliver (my flat mate) picked me up from the aiport, the taxi meter price Puxi – Airport Pudong is 165 Renminbi Yuan (RMB.Y), a little more than 17 Euros. Taxis drivers without meter will ask for more than double the price – so my visiting friends: be prepared to bargain hard!

We went to the apartment and than to the office to check out everything. Internet access is available at home and at the office. Some websites, for example youtube.com, are blocked in China. Well guys… but you can’t block all proxies… 😉
And: some Mails will take 9 hours or more to get through…

Jet lag will hit me for some days… but let’s get started…

This is the view from our apartment which wilddesign is providing (the place is called Brilliant City):

View from my apartment's balcony